We are a theatre company from Brno - what’s more - we are best friends. We’ve been pursuing improv for over 5 years now and we experienced it in as many ways as Bubba from Forest Gump could prepare shrimps (improv in Panda, improv at university, improv on our own hook…). Although we did it our own way (Hanka started in improv team Panda and Petr in the Impro Džow), enthusiasm for exploring possibilities of improv and drama led to educating our students and consequently to inevitable - our own project Up the Glen.

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Scottish Highlads. He and she are going up to a stony hill accompanied by mild rain. Despite the weather and annoying insects, they hope that this very hill will turn out to be a shortcut to the nearest town. They are hungry and as they climb up, strong wind joins their troubles. She eventually gives up and they both climb down to cook something to fill their empty bellies. Next day begins and two friends go up the Glen.

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We currently do not have any shows planned.

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